Robin Williams Was a Real Life Patch Adams

And other stories you may have missed this week

Robin Williams Was a Real Life Patch Adams:

Stories of actor Robin Williams’ generosity and caring have been filling social media and news reports following his death on Monday evening, August 10, 2014.  In a report published on CNN Wire, father Mark Cole told of a visit Robin Williams made to Cole’s daughter Jessica, who was suffering from a brain tumor. In part, the article reads, “But Jessica, stricken with a brain tumor, couldn’t make the trip to see the actor; her health was too fragile. So the actor chartered a private plane to come to her Greensboro, North Carolina home.” Read more about William’s visit to Jessica, and his long-time support in the fight against cancer


Viral Photo Has a Happy Ending:

In April, a photo of three young Oklahoma girls battling cancer went viral. On Monday, a newly published photo revealed that all three girls are now healthy and winning their fight against cancer. In the photo Rheann Franklin, 6, Ainsley Peters, 4, and Rylie Hughey are wearing colorful dresses and headbands to reflect the joy and relief that cancer recovery has brought to them and their families. Said Bridget Hughey, Rylie’s mom, “Even though we all have a long road ahead of us with treatments, scans and tests for basically the rest of their lives, its feels amazing knowing that we are all walking towards the finish line.” See the photos of Rheann, Ainsley and Rylie


New Colon Cancer Screening Test is Approved by the FDA:

The US Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved the first screening test for colon cancer that uses patients’ DNA to identify tumors and growths.  Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. according to the American Cancer Society, and while deaths from the disease have been declining for more than two decades, only about 60 percent of people between ages 50 to 75 have had the recommended tests. Learn more about the FDA’s decision


Runner Nearing the Finish Line in Cross Country Journey:

Twenty-four year old Garth Watson is scheduled to arrive in New York City’s Central Park on August 13th – the finish line in his attempt to run across the country and raise money for cancer research. Watson started running on May 11th in Oceanside, California, and has run an average of 40 miles a day while raising more than $14,000 for cancer research. “Everyone we’ve run into has been just really nice,” said Watson. “A lot of people we come across will say they’ve lost somebody to cancer, so it’s just a reminder of what I’m out here running for.” Read more about Garth’s journey


Brooke Burke-Charvet is Cancer-Free:

Finally, actress and former “Dancing with the Stars” co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet sat down for an interview to be published in the September issue of Shape magazine. In late 2012, Burke was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after doctors found a questionable lump during a routine physical exam. Brooke discusses her diagnosis and recovery in the upcoming interview and urges women to schedule regular physical exams. In part she says, “Care for yourself, especially as you get into your 40s. Always get your annual physical exams and mammograms.” Check-out more highlights from Brooke Burke’s interview


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